Alberobello (Bari Ajarubbèdde in dialect) is an Italian town of 12,000 inhabitants in the province of Bari, in Puglia, in the center of the Valle d’Itria and the Murgia of Trulli. Famous for its houses, called trulli that, since 1996, are UNESCO World Heritage site, it is part of the Itria Valley. The history of these very special buildings is linked to an edict of the Kingdom of Naples in the fifteenth century, it underwent a tribute every new urban settlement. The Counts of Conversano, owners of the land on which it stands today Alberobello, imposed then sent to farmers in these dry lands to build without using mortar, their homes, so that they could be seen as precarious buildings, easy demolition. Also because the mortar was expensive. Having to then use only stones, the farmers found in round shape with a self-supporting dome roof, consisting of overlapping circles of stones, the most simple and robust configuration. The domed roofs of the trulli are embellished with decorative pinnacles, whose shape is inspired by symbolic, mystical and religious.