Monopoli is an Italian town of 48 846 inhabitants in the metropolitan city of Bari, in Puglia. It is located 43 kilometers southeast of the metropolitan capital.

Monopoli represents, on the Adriatic Sea, one of the most active and populated ports in the region. Its characteristic old town of early medieval origin, superimposed on the remains of a Messapian fortified town already in the fifth century BC, overlooks the sea surrounded by high walls.

It is also mistakenly called “the city of the 99 districts”. This wording represents a tourist hyperbole, since since the municipal resolution of 1971 and as is evident from the current city tourist maps, the city includes 91 districts: these are administrative subdivisions of the area formerly located outside the city walls, whose place names evoke ancient farmhouses disappeared, the presence of a farm, a church or other historical-geographical references.